Power in Puerto Rico

The Clinic, Salud Integral de la Montana in Comerio, Puerto Rico which is being powered by the printed battery and inverter installed in January of 2018. The battery was donated through the NJ Puerto Rican Congress by Triton Solar, LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ to the Federally Qualified Clinic in Comerio, Puerto Rico. It is currently running in order to refrigerate medication and vaccines needed for the patients of the clinic.  In case of any power outages, the medication and vaccines will continue to be refrigerated without any interruption.   

Eagle Scout Justin Karach
School Supplies Fundraiser for Puerto Rico
Donated to Boricuas from NJ Para PR
Delivering 10k batteries, solar panels and transformers to the Inés María Mendoza School


The Puerto Rican Congress of New Jersey and its President and Executive Director, Lydia Valencia, continue to set the standard.


Fulfilling the commitment acquired in support of the Puerto Rican brothers in the "Island of Enchantment", the Puerto Rican Congress of NJ (PRC) has not stopped working, feeling and channeling the many needs that still exist, (without looking at when they are resolved), which left Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


Valencia, one of the Puerto Rican women of the State of New Jersey, who is not afraid of overcoming obstacles or barriers, and who has done an enormous job taking aid to Puerto Rico, along with William Narvaez, president of the Board of Directors of PRC , they visited the town of Comerío in days gone by.


Delivering 10k batteries, solar panels and transformers to the Inés María Mendoza School, which were received by the Municipal Administrator Irving Rivera on behalf of the honorable mayor, Josean Santiago. Among those present was the CPA Juan Agosto, President of the Foundation that bears his name and who, together with the Puerto Rican Congress and the Municipality of Comerío, will join efforts for the installation fees of the equipment donated by the PRC.


It is worth mentioning that with this equipment the electricity will not stop in case of some other natural disaster or electrical problem and at the same time it will be a refuge for the residents.

Donations being distributed in Puerto Rico through the Episcopalian Diocese , San Juan, Puerto Rico


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